Upgrade Your Clothing Style: Bold and Fashionable

In a world of understated clothing, it’s time to challenge the norm and harness the power of bold fashion choices. Despite the dominance of a minimalist aesthetic in recent years, there’s a lot to be said for expressing your authentic self through clothing. After all, what you wear is an opportunity to express who you are without saying a word.

Plain clothing

Of course, plain clothing has its appeal, especially when fit and acceptance are key. Classic unisex pieces like a little black dress, a simple cut or a pastel suit are safe bets for any occasion. However, sometimes it is necessary to aim higher and make a lasting first impression. “She looks good” should not be the criterion for social interaction. Instead, think about what message you want to convey when people see you, and dress accordingly to take the initiative.

Funny Style

Let’s say you want to be seen as funny. A bold print dress is a great place to start. Opt for bright colors or fun patterns, leaving little florals in for this special assignment. A dramatic dress can make a big impact and doesn’t require any extra effort compared to everyday options.

Discreet clothing

Discreet clothing can inadvertently make us invisible as we age, becoming more apparent in middle age. Draped neutral loungewear may appear refined and sophisticated to us, but it can inadvertently push us into the background. Frustrating and unfair as this reality may be, there’s no reason to succumb to it. Instead, take care to choose clothing that expresses your authentic self, no matter your age.

Matching an outfit

When matching an outfit, consider shoes and a top in addition to the dress. Opt for surprising, less obvious options, like platform shoes in bold colors instead of neutral heels, and statement blazers instead of baggy cardigans. Cardigans are especially difficult for those over 40. Opt for textured options or chunky fabrics, or opt for unique buttons and stripes to jazz up your look.

Sophisticated style

For sophisticated style, resort to color rather than focus on dramatic shapes. Try shawl sleeves, extra long hemlines, loose silhouettes or graphic slim silhouettes for a unique and sophisticated look.


At the end of the day, how you dress is your door to the world, and it pays to make sure your fashion choices reflect who you really are. Don’t be afraid to elevate your style and impress. Be bold and let your clothes bring out the vibrant, amazing person you are.

By admin