The Lost Tribe: Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival Trailblazers

The Lost Tribe, a celebrated carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago, has gained fame for its exquisite and fashion-forward costumes. With Valmiki Maharaj leading the way as the band’s creative director, their costumes are envisioned to be “distinctly theatrical yet flattering.”

The Lost Tribe 2023: Unveiling the Freedom Theme

The Lost Tribe: Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival Trailblazers

This year, the Lost Tribe showcased their theme “202We,” symbolizing the pursuit of freedom. Inspired by the blue soap commonly used in Caribbean culture to wash away negative energies, their collection featured breathtaking costumes in various shades of blue. From painter’s-tape blue iridescent “road gowns” to azure and teal tie-dyed capes, and crimson red and aquamarine flamenco dresses, the costumes were a feast for the eyes.

The Lost Tribe: Fashion Meets Comfort

What sets the Lost Tribe’s costumes apart is their blend of beauty and comfort. Maharaj had a vision of costumes that allowed wearers to revel under the sun for two days without feeling overly hot. Made with mesh, sequins, beads, and other materials, the designs are crafted to offer both cooling relief and flattering aesthetics.

Awards and Acclaim in The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe’s craftsmanship has earned them numerous accolades and the reputation of being among the most fashionable in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. In 2023, the National Carnival Commission crowned them with the title of “large band of the year,” acknowledging their incredible work.

The Lost Tribe: Caribbean Culture through Fashion

Maharaj takes great pride in the Lost Tribe’s efforts to promote Caribbean culture through the art of fashion. Their designs are not merely costumes; they are cultural expressions meant to showcase the richness and creativity of the Caribbean region to the world. Maharaj’s aspiration is clear – he wants to “show the world what we’re capable of” and inspire people to embrace their own creativity.

The Alluring 2023 Collection

The Lost Tribe’s 2023 collection was nothing short of extraordinary, featuring distinct sections that captivated audiences:

  1. Wish: Designed by Naas Mohammed, this section showcased “road gowns” with painter’s-tape blue iridescence, complemented by beaded baby blue bikini bottoms and tropical-print head wraps. Frontline members adorned themselves with four-foot-tall green bamboo-like poles adorned with coordinating printed fabric.
  2. Washing: Peter Elias and Jeneile McCarthy were the minds behind this section, featuring capes dyed in azure and teal hues, topped with elegantly arranged seaweed-inspired crowns and oceanic motifs.
  3. Power: Crafted by Solange Govia and Richard Dookhdeen, this section boasted vibrant crimson red and aquamarine fabrics. With asymmetrical beaded wings resembling beautifully brûléed desserts, the Power costumes exuded strength and allure.

Overcoming Challenges to Triumph

The road to triumph was not without its obstacles. The Lost Tribe faced difficulties in planning and execution due to the COVID-19 pandemic and imposed curfews. Nevertheless, the dedication and hard work of the designers, masqueraders, and the entire Lost Tribe team triumphed over adversity, leading to a spectacular collection and securing the prestigious title of large band of the year.

A Vision for the Future

The Lost Tribe’s journey doesn’t end with their triumphant 2023 display. Looking ahead, Maharaj envisions even more innovative and captivating costume designs for the next Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. With a firm commitment to promoting Caribbean culture through their mesmerizing fashion, the Lost Tribe’s influence promises to resonate far beyond the carnival festivities.

A Beacon of Inspiration

The Lost Tribe stands as a beacon of inspiration within the Caribbean community. Their fusion of creativity, artistry, and determination exemplifies the resilience and brilliance of the Caribbean people. With each stroke of design and every step on the road, the Lost Tribe continues to shine brightly as trailblazers in Trinidad and Tobago’s vibrant carnival culture.

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