The Auction Raised Rp1.3 Billion for Princess Diana Famous Sheep Sweater

Rediscovering Princess Diana Lost Polo Sweater

In 1981, a recently engaged Princess Diana, while watching her future husband Prince Charles play polo, wore a standout sweater at the age of 19. Diana displayed her sense of humor and style with her “black sheep” sweater.

This outfit featured on on September 2, 2023. Even though it lacked a designer’s name, the piece held significant value since it belonged to Princess Diana’s extravagant wardrobe. Notably, Buckingham Palace once wrote to the sweater’s maker, pleading for a replacement or repair of the damaged item.

The Auction Raised Rp1.3 Billion for Princess Diana Famous Sheep Sweater

Princess Diana Sweater and Its Mysterious Message

Cynthia Houlton, global head of fashion at Sotheby’s, sheds light on the captivating meaning of this sweater regarding Princess Diana’s status in the family. Many people have speculated that Diana wore the sweater because she felt like the “black sheep” of the family.

The fact that the sweater has never been offered for sale before and comes with letters from the princess herself attesting to its importance further adds to its attractiveness. The sweater’s maker, knitwear brand Warm & Wonderful, recently discovered it in their archives. Originally, Buckingham Palace returned this sweater to the maker for repairs, but a new sweater was instead delivered to Princess Diana. However, the original sweater’s cuffs are still visibly damaged.

Diana’s Clothing as a Form of Expression

Rumors suggest that Diana tore her jumper with her engagement ring. Whether or not the claims are true, this represents an early instance of the late Princess of Wales expressing herself through her clothing.

Cynthia Houlton, the global head of fashion at Sotheby’s, claims that Diana always used her clothes to convey a message. Today’s opinion leaders use their dress choices as a platform to convey a message about who they are and what they stand for. Diana followed this routine consistently throughout her life, expertly fusing opulence with understatement. Even though it has become conventional, Diana was ahead of her time.

Selling Diana’s Sweater at Auction

At an exchange rate of 1 euro = Rp16,439.41, Sotheby’s has set a pre-sale estimate for this sweater’s auction price between €50,000 (about Rp820 million) and €80,000 (approximately Rp1.3 billion).

However, the amounts realized at recent auctions for items formerly belonging to Princess Diana have shocked everyone. Sotheby’s successfully auctioned one of the princess’s costumes earlier this year for more than €600,000, or around Rp9.9 billion.

Therefore, the ultimate selling price might very well reach the six-figure euro range or the ten-billion rupiah range. Cynthia Houlton notes the evident increase in value and demand for Princess Diana’s garments. The dynamic between supply and demand is the primary force behind this phenomenon.

Only a select few Princess Diana-inspired products will be available in the near future, despite her continued status as a fashion icon. This limited supply helps explain the rising price.

Regarding the Online Auction

The online auction commences on August 31 and concludes on September 14.

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