Taking Down Beatrix: Tips to Counter in Mobile Legends

Facing the Mighty Beatrix

Beatrix, the cool hero in Mobile Legends, is super powerful in battles. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to take on Beatrix. With the right moves, you can beat this hero. Let’s get started!

1. Choose Heroes with Big Damage:

To tackle Beatrix, go for heroes with huge burst damage. Heroes like Selena, Gusion, or Hayabusa can quickly take down Beatrix before she can attack. Use their skills and attack fast to crush Beatrix before she can do anything.

2. Use Heroes with Control Abilities:

Beatrix is not a fan of heroes with strong control abilities. Heroes like Chou, Aurora, or Khufra can mess up Beatrix’s moves and make her attacks less effective. Use control abilities to tie up Beatrix, giving your team a chance to get rid of her.

3. Watch Your Position and Timing:

Beatrix loves to shoot from far away. When you face her, be smart about where you stand and when you attack. Stay away from her shots and strike when she’s close or using short-range attacks. Learn how she attacks and use those moments to strike.

4. Build a Tough Defense:

To protect your team from Beatrix, build strong defenses. Items like Athena’s Shield or Queen’s Wings can help you resist Beatrix’s attacks. Also, think about having support heroes like Estes or Rafaela, who can heal your team during battles.

5. Talk and Plan with Your Team:

Talking to your team is super important when facing Beatrix. Discuss your plans and how to counter her. Work together with your team to decide who to attack first. With good teamwork, you can stop Beatrix and control the game.

6. Play Smart and Safe:

Lastly, be careful and smart when you face Beatrix. Don’t get into fights you can’t win, and keep a safe distance. Pay attention to other enemies and think before attacking Beatrix. Being patient and careful will help you deal with this hero.

By using these tips, you’ll have the upper hand against Beatrix. Pick heroes with big damage or control abilities, be smart about where and when you attack, strengthen your defense, talk to your team, and play carefully. With the right plan, beating Beatrix will be easy, and you’ll win in Mobile Legends.

Heroes to Beat Beatrix in Mobile Legends

Beatrix is a tough hero in Mobile Legends, but don’t worry! There are heroes that are perfect for facing her. Let’s talk about some heroes that can take on Beatrix and control the game. Let’s check them out!

1. Chou:

Chou is super effective against Beatrix. With cool VTBET movement abilities, Chou can quickly stop Beatrix from using long-range attacks. Use Chou’s “Jeet Kune Do” and “The Way of Dragon” moves to interrupt Beatrix and make her attacks weaker.

2. Khufra:

Khufra, a tank with strong control abilities, can change the game against Beatrix. Khufra’s “Tyrant’s Revenge” move can stop Beatrix and make her long-range attacks less powerful. Use this move to stop Beatrix and give your team a chance to get rid of her.

3. Selena:

Selena has awesome long-range and close-range attacks. With “Abyssal Trap” and “Abyssal Arrow” moves, Selena can surprise Beatrix and do a lot of damage. Use long-range attacks first, then get close to finish Beatrix off.

4. Hayabusa:

Hayabusa, a fast and strong assassin, can be a big problem for Beatrix. With “Phantom Shuriken” and “Shadow Kill” moves, Hayabusa can get close to Beatrix and take her down before she fights back. Use Hayabusa’s speed to control the game.

5. Helcurt:

Helcurt stops Beatrix with silencing abilities. With “Deadly Stinger,” Helcurt can stop Beatrix’s attacks and make her less effective. Use Helcurt’s moves to mess up Beatrix’s game and take control of battles.

6. Grock:

Grock, a tough tank, can face Beatrix confidently. With “Power of Nature” and “Wild Charge,” Grock can get close to Beatrix and put a lot of pressure on her. Use Grock’s strength to stand tall against Beatrix’s attacks.

When picking heroes to face Beatrix, think about your style and the game situation. Pick heroes that match your skills and talk to your team about your plan. With the right heroes, you can control the game and beat Beatrix.

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