Julien Dossena: A Remarkable Step and Collaborating with Jean Paul Gaultier

When Julien Dossena discovers the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier archives, he enters a realm of French fashion history that has never been explored by anybody before. Dossena has gone from being a fan of Gaultier’s colorful. From a newcomer and creative director at Rabanne, Dossena has now transitioned to becoming Gaultier’s latest guest designer. This partnership exemplifies how well fashion and original thought can work together.

Speaking on the first time he saw Gaultier’s work on television, Dossena reflected, “Coming from a background where fashion was really not on the radar… For the first time, I grasped that it was a profession. Today, Dossena not only embraces the role of creative director at Rabanne, but he also steps into the shoes of a guest designer, temporarily filling Gaultier’s position. Designers in the post have included Haider Ackermann and Chitose Abe, and they are given freedom to put their own spin on the house’s established norms.

Julien Dossena: A Remarkable Step and Collaborating with Jean Paul Gaultier

Couture: Exciting Fashion Adventure of Julien Dossena

Julien Dossena is venturing into uncharted terrain with couture, but his experience at Rabanne, renowned for elaborate chain-mail designs, has prepared him for the labor-intensive nature of the field. The fact that Dossena is now designing haute couture represents a paradigm change. In the ’60s, designers like Paco Rabanne, André Courrèges, and Pierre Cardin democratized fashion by pushing it beyond its conventional confines in couture. Although initially deemed unimportant in writing, couture has transformed into a fertile ground for fostering new ideas and embracing risk-taking. This shift is quite clear to see as younger, more adventurous designers inject fresh life into the age-old custom.

Co-Creating with Gaultier Was a Lifelong Dream Come True for Julien Dossena

Julien Dossena’s lifelong dream came true as he had the opportunity to work with the renowned Gaultier, a figure synonymous with French fashion. Gaultier’s innovations went far beyond the realm of fashion; he was the first to have famous musicians play on his catwalk, and he popularized the practice of upcycling by reusing items from previous seasons. Dossena found Gaultier’s method appealing, calling it “sociology in a way,” and praising the narratives and eccentric people that walked down the runway in his creations.

The Collection’s Development by Julien Dossena, from Idea to Reality

Through his travels, Julien Dossena was able to spend time at Gaultier’s archives, where he found certain items that spoke to his vision. Collaborating closely with Gaultier, he harnessed the opportunity to translate his ideas into reality with the skilled artisans in the atelier. The resultant collection smoothly combines high and low fashion aspects in tribute to both Gaultier’s vintage history and the personalities he introduced on the catwalk.

A Line that Reveals Gaultier’s Love for Paris

Julien Dossena’s debut collection pays tribute to the fascinating people that formerly walked down the runways for Gaultier. The collection is a perfect representation of “Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris,” giving you a look into the lives of people you know and like. Dossena’s creations reflect Gaultier’s passion for blending antique and luxurious materials.

Analyzing the Art of Making

The presentation of the collection, as envisioned by Julien Dossena, is deliberately personal, evoking memories of Gaultier’s earliest catwalks. He hopes to pique the interest of the audience by bringing their attention to the fine details of each outfit. Dossena says, “There are going to be embroideries that just touch your knees,”. He promising an intimate experience that lauds the creativity of each piece.

Dossena wraps off by teasing them with a preview of what’s to come in the atelier. Not only does he have a collection in the making to take with him. But the friendships he has made along the way have become invaluable to him as he leaves.

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