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January is Red’s February Cover Star

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January Jones On Motherhood, Dating And Throwing Tantrums

The Mad Men actress is our February cover star

I’m obsessed with a quote January Jones posted on her Instagram. It reads “Crawl inside this body – find me where I am most ruined, love me there.” I read it and cried. It’s the first thing I bring up when we meet, and she says she cried when she found it, too.

We’re in Le Pain Quotidien in Woodland Hills, California, which is so generic I don’t know if I’m in LA or Brent Cross. It’s the last place you’d expect to find Betty Draper: Mad Men’s steel magnolia and a woman known to walk around the house in a cocktail dress.

Jones has chosen Le Pain because it’s local. She lives in Topanga Canyon. There is no tulle up there. No twinsets or pearls. Just hippies and goats.
From the neck up, Jones looks like a Hitchcock heroine: white blonde hair and translucent skin. But her clothes tell a different story. She’s a funky 1990s throwback in black and red lumberjack shirt, Paige jeans and chunky Choo boots. Jones looks like she should be carrying an axe, not Givenchy shades. She orders Quiche Lorraine and coffee “with cream and sugar”. She’s fresher, funnier, more open than I expected. Unlike Betty Draper, she laughs a lot.

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